Director's Message

Dear Student, there is no substitute for hard word, Karma is the foundation of our existence. In Mahabharat , Krishna always directed Arjuna to follow the path of karma. It’s an obvious fact that hard work never goes in vain. However , Hard work needs a direction to sublimate as “karma” and to frucify in the form of achievement . Even in physics, work is said to be done only when it’s done in a definite direction, no movement ,no work is considered to be done .so always keep in mind that every prson who knows the path of your destination only those persons will show you the path of success. You choose the goal of your karma and we at Upadhyay Law Gurukul will show you the direction to get to your desired goal.We are here to provide you support and guidance throughout your journey towards lvy league law schools to coveted Judicial and civil Services .

Welcome to Upadhyay Law Gurukul. We are the best Law Coaching Centre in Patna. As a significant part of Upadhyay Law Gurukul, we would like to introduce ourselves as the coaching experts with the prime focus on law.