Law Optional (Civil Services)


Law is considered as one of the most important subjects demanding its knowledge by those applying and aiming for any kind of government services. More than its theoretical learning, the laws of the land help one govern the right and wrong in their practical application of the knowledge. Hence, it preferable and advisable to opt for law optional while applying for the UPSC IAS exam.

The law optional exam is tested through two parts, Paper 1 and Paper 2. The syllabus of both the exams is kept basic to the point as the purpose of the exam is for the student to have a fundamental understanding of the subject.

Why you should opt for Law Optional?

  • The law and the legal knowledge help a person make the right decisions in accordance with the code and conduct of the nation.
  • Often confused as being an obnoxious choice among the applicants, the subject is highly scoring and gives such candidates as those opting for law optional over the rest.
  • One doesn't need to be an expert on the subject. The exam tests the basic must knowledge of the candidates that is easy to grasp and learn for the most.
  • The learning on the subject helps candidates not only when the profession calls for but also in their personal lives.

How to crack the exam?

General knowledge and current affairs take up an important part in the exam. Newspaper is the key. Irrespective of the exam you are preparing for, newspaper reading is a habit that every individual must make a part of his/her daily routine. It always helps in the long run. read constantly. Be it a newspaper, an online article, a casebook, or even the Indian Constitution.

Law Optional Course Structure

Basic Course :- This course is carved out for UPSC/ State PCS aspirants who have chosen their optional as LAW. This course is an intensive course that provides in-depth learning of the UPSC syllabus. We have brainstorming classes on the legal subject; various case studies, role play, and assignments make the course interesting to grasp. This course surely will enable you to garner maximum marks in your optional subject Law. Why law is a favorite optional for most aspirants is its all-pervading nature. First offs all it covers a large portion of your syllabus. Constitution and ethics occupy a major portion of your syllabus which are closely related to law. Social sciences: History geography and other social sciences also buttress your legal knowledge. So choosing law optional can be a wise decision for most aspirants even those who haven’t studied law as their degree course.

Fast Track Course :- This course is available for those students who after having cleared their PT exam decided to prepare for their optional. This course is a fast track course . There is no much difference between a basic course and 3 months course. You will be provided with the same materials and test papers in this course at a faster pace. So don’t hesitate to choose law as your optional even if you have decided to take it as an optional paper.


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Our Course Pricing


Duration 4 Months

  • Interactive Classes
  • Expert Faculties
  • Complete Test-Series
  • Complete Study Material
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

₹ 60,000/- (Inclusive of GST)

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Duration 4 Months

  • Interactive Classes
  • Expert Faculties
  • Complete Test-Series
  • Complete Study Material
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions

₹ 1,20,000/- (Inclusive of GST)

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Duration 3-4 Months

  • For UPSC/State civil service aspirants
  • Online tests and study material
  • Question-answer writing sessions
  • Tips to write great answers
  • Close monitoring of progress
  • Daily hand-outs and study materials
  • Simulated test papers on the pattern of UPSC
  • Daily two hours of class

₹ 40,000/- (Inclusive of GST)

Fast Track

Duration 3 Months

  • Fast coverage of the syllabus
  • Daily two-hour class
  • Answer writing sessions
  • Doubt removal classes
  • Close monitoring of progress
  • Study material and hand-outs after each class

₹ 21,000/- (Inclusive of GST)


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Get the Best coaching for Law Optional in Patna, by experienced faculties as per latest syllabus of upsc law optional.
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Sachin Sir is very experienced teacher here in law optional for upsc civil services exam.
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The way of teaching of sachin sir is easy to understand, best law optional coaching for civil services in bihar.