Advantages of UPSC Preparation

Advantages of UPSC Preparation

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is the highest recruiting agency in India which also finds its place in the constitution of India It opens the gate for the highest service In India.

Benefits of UPSC Preparation : There are so many advantages of Upsc preparation that will be discussed hereinafter. UPSC is considered to be the toughest exam in the world, due to this very fact, most of the aspirants give up before giving a try to sit in the exam.

Fears of UPSC Aspirants

The biggest fear that an aspirant encounter is what if he fails can they benefit from the preparation otherwise.What advantages and edges an aspirant can have after the years of preparation of UPSC. After years of preparation, can he be able to carve a niche for himself in the private sector if he fails in the civil services examination. No private company would like to recruit him because of a lack of practical skills. People always have questions in mind that what benefit one can derive if he fails to make it to the final merit list.

Ways ahead after UPSC

In spite of all those odds, there are certain advantages of preparing for the UPSC Exam .so here we will examine the pros and cons of preparing for UPSC. Before diving into this we must remember that; Labour never goes in vain and knowledge is power.

Some example of successful persons who are not civil servants

Vladimir Putin, who is he, is he a civil servant, who is Barak Obama or Abraham Linon are they, civil servants, NO, They are knowledgeable persons., our first president Dr. Rajendra Prasasd is not a civil servant either.

If you study the life history of all the above-mentioned luminaries you will find one common thing, they were voracious readers and an aficionado of knowledge. Kapil Sibal(Lawyer and Union Minister) also gave a try to the civil services and he got selected nonetheless he did not join the service, there are many more persons who sat in the civil services and could not get qualified but did well in their life.

UPSC as a path for your knowledge journey

UPSC allows you to gain knowledge however it is of the initial stage but it gives you all the necessary knowledge to live a life like a prudent person, from there if you get selected you get absorbed in the government services, and if suppose you could not get in for whatsoever reasons you ll have a further opportunity of enriching your knowledge,

Out comes of UPSC preparation

If you are preparing for civil services and you got selected then you will be serving the country. If you could not get into it then again that knowledge and learnability will help you further pursue your goals with a greater vision. You can be proved to be an asset for the country in any field that you choose to work for. Here I’ll be discussing the career path that you can follow if you could not make it to the merit list.

  1. State civil services Exams : If anyhow you missed the opportunity of joining the UPSC then you can use your knowledge while preparing for state civil services exams. You can also take those exams side by side. The pattern of those exams is more or less similar to that of the UPSC.
  2. Journalism : Journalism is one of the lucrative careers you can pursue in case you could not make it to the UPSC. Here you can use your multidimensional knowledge and approach in honing your skills and you can serve the country in even better ways.
  3. Law : Law How to prepare for judiciary without coaching is one of the most challenging opportunities that you can have, you can practice law after enrolling yourself as an advocate and can use your knowledge during litigation. You can be a better lawyer if you are equipped with knowledge on various topics like history, philosophy, geography, science, etc.
  4. Faculty : These days opportunities for faculty in the civil services coaching industry are increasing and it demands a great level of expertise, you can use your knowledge in imparting knowledge and help other aspirants becoming civil servants.

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