Strategies to Crack Judicial Services Exams

Strategies to Crack Judicial Services Exams

As Judicial Services Examinations of different states is drawing closer, students have started swotting up and are hell-bent to leave no stone unturned to excel in the examination. To stand out among aspiring students, you have to have certain uniqueness in your preparation. You will have to design your strategy in such a manner that can outsmart others head-on.

Strategies to crack Judicial Services Examinations Here we are deriving the infallible strategies to get ahead of your competitors; we are discussing hereinafter all the course of action that you should adopt to excel in the judicial service examination.

  1. Clear Crystal approach: Your approach towards your entire subject should be clear; you must understand the acts, their interpretation, with related case laws. Understanding the act, analyzing the act, and implementing the act in a real scenario will clear your understanding.

  2. Recital of the bare act: Bare acts are like your mantras. The real law in its barest form that is why it is known as the bare act. So peruse the bare acts and try to understand each and every word of the act in its entirety, read a sentence with precision, and make out a conclusion thereof. Write down the substance of the acts with the act. No. and keep safe in your mind.

  3. Sailing through GK: GK is an inalienable part of the judicial services examination. Some students take Gk for granted which is a very abject drawback of students. Especially law students avoid studying different topics entailing History, geo, polity, eco, science, and current affairs. Unless you master the general knowledge section you can’t achieve a better rank in Judiciary examinations. Especially in Bihar and U.P.

  4. Notes preparation: Don’t make voluminous notes for PT exams. Only a few words should be written related to the topics. Only make notes of those portions of the syllabus which you need to remember or you are unable to get through with.

  5. Time Management: Time management is the most valuable part of an effective strategy. You must allocate times for your syllabus. Studying different subjects at intervals will not let you get bored while studying. For each and every subject you allocate your time. The subject that you are weak on, fix the extra time to get over it.

  6. Fix Goals: You must fix your goals for every day, like today I ‘ll do this topic in CrPC or constitution and be ruthless to yourself until you complete the topic on this day only. This will take to the culmination of preparation.

So, if you adhere to the hereinabove mentioned suggestions there is a high chance that you’ll achieve a better position in the upcoming judiciary examination. BPSC(J) is the first exam that you are going to take, so best of luck to my all students who are wannabe Judges

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