How to Prepare for CLAT in 2021?

How to Prepare for CLAT in 2021?

How to prepare for CLAT in 2021 is a question for aspirants who are studying in class 12. Here I have described the infallible strategy to get prepared for CLAT in 2021. The best strategy for your question on how to prepare for CLAT preparation is given below.

It is said that an early bird catches the worm, so you should start your CLAT preparation as soon as possible. CLAT is now becoming conspicuous among students, gone are the days when a career in law was mostly pursued by an art graduate. Now its era of economical liberalization, unfathomable opportunities are available for law graduates in today’s changing scenario.

As the fact of a law degree being increasingly popular the no. of candidates vying for a few thousand seats in ivy league colleges is surging steeply. So you should not take the opportunity of having been selected in a top law college for granted.

Preparation strategy when you are in your 12th

As you are going to appear for CLAT in 2021 and you are also preparing for your 12th, its a little bit tougher for taking the plunge into both but, this is the right time to do it because you won’t like to lose a year in preparation and biding your time for the next year, so strain your nerves and channelize you quality time for your preparation, you just have to carve out 2-3 hours for your CLAT preparation. And most importantly you do not have to worry about your Exams just focus on everyday work.

Fix a goal for every day, squeeze each hour to the fullest , use every ounce of your hidden energy that you have potentiated and conserved for the battle. And last but not least follow the Path of Gita, “unattached work “ and prepare for the best and stay prepared for the worst. This will make you feel out of worry and rejuvenated and one day you sail through both the exams.

For the students who are 10th passed: These students have ample time and they can start preparing early to secure a good rank in the CLAT exam so that they can choose the college of their choice.

Preparation strategy For beginners

First of all, just look at the CLAT previous paper and do a self-check on these papers and understand the difficulty level and the place where you stand . Thereafter you choose your weaker subjects and then in those chosen subjects shortlist the weaker area, like if you are choosing English as your weaker subject, then recognize your strength and weaknesses in the subject. You have to adopt the two-prong strategy, ie you have to maintain your strength as well as you have to get strong in the weaker areas.

Study material For Preparation For CLAT 2021

Unlike the 12th exam CLAT exam is an elimination test, it means that you just have to score best in your 12th exam but so far the CLAT is concerned you have to score better than the best. Following are the areas wherein your competence and aptitude will be tested:

  •  English Comprehension
  •  Logical Reasoning
  •  Legal Aptitude
  •  General knowledge of Current Affairs
  •  Maths
Study materials that you can use in your preparation :
  •  Logical reasoning: M.K Pandey & R.S. Agrawal
  •  Legal reasoning: by Pearson
  •  Quantitative aptitude: R.S. Agrawal, M. Tyra
  •  English: R.S. Agrawal
  •  Word power made easy by Norman Lewis

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